Our work

We present below a selection of some web development projects and mobile applications as well as some graphic elements completed on behalf of individuals or companies that provide an overview of our work.

Complaint Management System
Website development, UX/UI Design
A modern, and user-friendly complaint management software-based approach to intelligently handling workplace cases from initiation to resolution.
HTML & SassPHPJavascriptMySQLAjaxjQuery
Santpon Ayiti Website
Website Design & CMS Development
A custom web design with an content managenet dashboard for the general presentation of the organization, projects and documents/report intended for donors and the general public to highlight the achievements.
HTML & BootstrapPHPJavascriptMySQLAjax
Practical Guide to Haitian Labor Law
Mobile App Development
This app brings a handbook of Haitian labor law is a useful tool to help employers, workers, international buyers and other stakeholders better understand the rights of responsibility to address labor standards and create decent work opportunities in Haiti.
School Management Application
Web Development
SchoolExpress is a web-based school management solution designed to help school administrators manage essential operations such as students records, grades, attendance tracking, class scheduling, billing, monitor students and teachers key performance indicators, and more.
HTML & BootstrapPHPJavascriptPostgreSQLAjax
Staff Performance Appraisal Management
Web Development
A tailored solution that transforms periodic traditional paper-based staff performance appraisals to a multiuser digital web portal that reduces process time significantly, improve the quality and bring transparency to the performance review for decision-making and setting suitable developmental objectives.
HTML & CSSPHPJavascriptMySQLAjax
ADel Data Visualization Dashboard
Frontend Web Development
A custom web-based interface that allows managers to explore pre-defined statistical infrographics fetched from a database of users-generated of a mobile app (ADel) that plays as a visrtual assitant for elderly with limited mobility and people living alone.
ReactJSBootstrap & CSSReduxJWTAxiosi18next
PrixDent Clinic
Web Development
A tailored web application that allows the management to better plan and run the patients' medical visits and follow-up needed. This application also allows customers to request appointments online.
PHPBootstrap & CSSHTMLjQueryAjaxFusionCharts
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